The mission of the Foundation is to help and support people, families, groups and charities to experience adventure and make amazing memories

Four times a year we open up applications for grants of up to £250* to be used for adventurous activities.

You might be looking to run guided walks for people with mental health issues. You could be a family looking to make an amazing memory with your kids. You may be looking to break an adventure record to provide inspiration to young adults. The list is endless and we want to help.

Next Application Period

January 2021 - first notifications will be via the Jason Rawles newsletter

10x (ten) grants of up to £250 available

Successful applicants will be notified by the end of March 2021 and grants paid within 7 (seven) days

* Conditions apply

Funding Process

When the application process is live, you’ll be asked to tell us (by email submission):

  1. Is this for yourself, a group or are you nominating someone else?
  2. How much you’d like to apply for?
  3. What you’d like to do with the grant if you’re successful?
  4. If successful, what would this mean to you or the people involved?

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Terms and Conditions

  1. The Rawles Group Ltd accepts no liability for any adventure activity that this grant is used for.
  2. The recipient, charity or organisation must have a UK bank account.
  3. The grant is not to be used for any illegal activity.
  4. Grant is to be paid by bank transfer only.
  5. The grant must be used for the adventure activity detailed in the application process.
  6. While we don’t expect to be tagged on any social media activity, it’s always welcomed.
  7. All information supplied is confidential and will be deleted once the application period is over.
  8. Decisions made by The Rawles Group Ltd are final.
  9. You may only apply once per application window.
  10. If successful you may not apply again for a period of one year.